Quality Control

A quality control program is no different than a safety program. It’s only good if it’s implemented, managed and monitored. Freedom West, as a construction manager, can be your escape from yet another burdensome construction task that’s far too important to ignore and too time-consuming to properly address. We’ll conduct meetings to communicate the quality control procedures that each trade should follow, monitor their adherence, and conduct the final inspections to ensure that specifications, codes and regulations have been followed to the letter.

Company Capabilities


Freedom West serves a wide spectrum of construction trades.  General Construction, Pre-Cast Construction, Asphalt Paving, Excavation, Concrete Flatwork, Concrete Foundation Work, Plumbing, Electrical Work, Mechanical/HVAC, Landscaping, and Glass and Glazing are among them


Company Certifications

Freedom West is a IDOT Certified DBE

Freedom West serves the Chicagoland area and north central Illinois. Its certifications as a women-owned business include Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) with the Illinois Department of Transportation.
Contact Details
Kathy A. Lombardi
36207 S Gray Rd
Custer Park,  IL  60481
Tel (815) 955-8887