Drawings & Documentation

Every construction project, whether it’s for repair and replace, reconstruction or new construction, will require a set of construction prints, also called working drawings, or a set of plans. A well-drawn set of prints and well-written specifications will help prevent disagreements and misunderstandings by the various trade professionals only if they are in easy access. It is essential to have these drawings and documentation available for review, in a designated area, at all times. It’s just as important to have a designated person responsible for making sure the drawings and documentation are kept safe and intact. Project management of drawings is one more burdensome task, and another responsibility that Freedom West has the knowledge and experience to perform on your behalf.


Company Capabilities


Freedom West serves a wide spectrum of construction trades.  General Construction, Pre-Cast Construction, Asphalt Paving, Excavation, Concrete Flatwork, Concrete Foundation Work, Plumbing, Electrical Work, Mechanical/HVAC, Landscaping, and Glass and Glazing are among them


Company Certifications

Freedom West is a IDOT Certified DBE

Freedom West serves the Chicagoland area and north central Illinois. Its certifications as a women-owned business include Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) with the Illinois Department of Transportation.
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